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Heroku is an awesome cloud platform (PaaS) that supports a lot of programming languages, among those we can find Python.

In production environments we can’t use SQLite3 as database engine, so we’ll switch to my favourite, PostgreSQL.

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By default, the last version of Debian Buster (10.10) it comes with Python version 2.7.16 and version 3.7.3. You can check it with these commands:

Jekyll is an awesome tool, but by default it’s missing some things that we’ll cover on this document.

First thing: install jekyll

Open the terminal and get ready.

Create new empty project

$ jekyll new jekyllbs5 --blank
$ cd jekyllbs5
$ bundle init
$ sudo nano Gemfile

Replace #gem "rails" with gem "jekyll" like in the image:

Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta1 was released 10 days ago, and some new awesome features are included. As we’re used to, the docs are very clear.

You can check the new stuff

In my opinion, the big thing about v5 is the removal of jQuery as a dependency.

Since 2017, Rails 5.1 was already removed the dependency of jQuery.

So, that’s the way.

Specially for me, it meant an extreme change in my JS code, because I get used to handling the DOM with jQuery.

jQuery is deprecated for many reasons, but it’s not the purpose of my post. You can read…


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